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Our company, born from shared experiences of three excellent entrepreneurial professionals with extensive and proven track record in cases of demonstrable success in the pharmaceutical and health sector, in order to create a proyect of life, who want to offer a comprehensive alternative to these consulting sectors for business development in Colombia and Latin America, minimizing investment risk.

In developing this innovative concept offer consulting holistically, that allow a potential client to have an advisory on the fundamentals for the feasibility of a pharmaceutical business such as the Legal & Compliance, Health & Pharmacovigilance, Marketing & Commercial, Humans Resources according to their need.

We began operations in 2015, uniting our talents and leadership experience in different areas of work under the premise of providing a differential variable in the fragmented consultancies in the market.
Our Focus: Coverage, analysis, development and implementation given different scenarios and solutions in strategic areas of a company entrusted with running projects Effectiveness, Professionalism, Performance, Global Thought and passion for what we do.
Our working premise is: “Tell us about your project and OPO advises you in Latin America”.

Our Business Values


Provide advice and support on issues related to: Regulatory Affairs, Legal, Marketing and Sales in Latin America, guiding our clients as needed and aim of his project for assertive decision-making, by shielding itself against market risk.


We want to be recognized in 2025, as a leading consulting company in Latin America, effective and efficient in providing advisory services, developing successful business models in the pharmaceutical sector.


Our customers are the most important for our Company towards this honesty, integrity and professional ethics are core values ​​in all activities run in Open Pharmaceutical Opportunities.

Advisory Areas

Asuntos Regulatorios


Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Food Technologist with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory affairs specialist and health regulations in Latin America more than 15 years of experience.
Parallel processes leading innovative pharmaceutical technologies registration in several countries and chairing the global concept of "Time to Market". Skill in handling international suppliers in Europe, Asia and the United States with comprehensive management of global regulatory standards and local application of all kinds of products including Biological and Chemical Synthesis products. Pharmacovigilance plan development and monitoring international agreements with suppliers who apply the European standards in this area. Quality assurance management, claims, nonconforming product, complaint.
Auditor of Good Manufacturing Practices in Drug manufacturing plants and therapeutic Fito.



Dentist, majoring in Management and Financial Management, certified health coaching, Integral diploma in sales management, sales training equipment, training in marketing by European companies with extensive global experience in the pharmaceutical sector. 13 years of experience leading business units with professional teams in marketing and sales, taking them by strengthening their skills to the highest level of productivity. Experience in international negotiations with Europe and India suppliers. For Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Opportunity Analysis according to market needs. Experience in opening markets for new products, launch and positioning of these. Business case development of 360°. Design and implementation of marketing plans. Leadership experience in government relations. Negotiations with public and private entities for penetration, development and commercialization of pharmaceutical products.



Business Administrator, lawyer with specialization in Commercial Law with emphasis on Trademarks and Patents, experience over 15 years in Corporate, Commercial, Labor, Civil, Family and Management System for Safety and Health at Work (SG- SST), in the pharmaceutical sector and health. Leading teams at management level in the areas of Legal, Human Resources and Compliance, providing direct support in making strategic managers Organizations decisions. Skill and experience in negotiations buying and selling companies, preparation of due diligence and negotiations with workers in companies for Latin American countries. Preparation trading strategies for sales of partial shares or in full, portfolio charges, reply via legal requirements or out of court. Preparation of Plans of Benefits, Incentives and labor contracts for work teams and overall structuring of the areas of Human Resources and Legal. Extensive experience in negotiations with public and private partnerships to seek alternative collection of nonperforming entities. Extensive experience in managing reconciliations and good negotiation skills overall.