According to our different lines we offer:

Regulatory Issues

In Latin America

  • Preparation of check list registration requirements and process for obtaining health registration and Drug synthetic or biological origin for:
    • National Institute of Hygiene Rafael Rangel in Venezuela
    • National regulatory agency ARCSA control and health monitoring in Ecuador
    • Directorate General of Drug Supplies and Drugs DIGEMID in Peru
    • ANAMED National Medicines Agency and the Public Health Institute of Chile ISP
    • National Administration of Medicines, Food and Drug Technology ANMAT Argentina
    • National Health Surveillance Agency ANVISA Brazil
    • Training in Pharmacovigilance.
    • Pharmacovigilance program design.
    • Audits of Good Manufacturing Practices.
    • Regulatory Audits.

In Colombia

  • Collection and processing of medical records before INVIMA for drugs of synthetic or biological origin.
  • Getting import clearances for vital medicines not available.
  • Collection and processing of certificates of Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • Collection and processing of registration phytochemicals.
  • Collection and processing of registration of medical devices and diagnostic reagents.
  • Collection and processing of records Food and supplements.
  • Program design and implementation of Pharmacovigilance and Technovigilance.
  • Good manufacturing practices.
  • Quality Audits.
  • Training teams and shaping Regulatory structures.
  • Import and marketing of pharmaceutical technologies.
  • Reports patent specific processes to the superintendence of Industry and Trade of chemical entities.



  • Business Case.
  • Market Research Pharmaceuticals.
  • Construction Marketing plans.
  • Financial viability analysis product portfolio.
  • Pre strategy development and pharmaceutical Releases.
  • Design strategies for introducing products to the pharmaceutical market.
  • Portfolio development product markets in Rare Diseases.
  • Vitales not available.
  • Analysis and insight from marketing health systems.
  • Risk assessment launch of pharmaceutical technology.
  • Training sales teams.
  • Strengthening strategies demand generation , medical examination, Segmentation and target.
  • Advice on designing indicators for a program of adhesions.
  • Evaluation and design of strategies for pharmaceutical technologies related to the assessment of IETS.
  • Accompanying public relations.

Legal - Compliance

LEGAL AREA: We provide support in the following processes:
  • Advice and support in setting up companies, with their respective procedures before the bodies monitoring and control.
  • Commercial and Corporate Law.
  • Tax law.
  • Labor law.
  • Civil right.
  • Horizontal property.

General legal advice as required in the different areas of the Organization: DIAN Fiscal Procedures, Intellectual Property Advisory, Development of Due Diligence. Support processes protection before authorities health administrators. Legal support in processes of resources replacement, petition rights, and health administrative proceedings before public and private entities.
HUMAN TALENT AREA: We support all processes in developing this area, within which are:
  • Recruitment Resumes.
  • Selection of leaders to occupy different positions in the organization, from operational to management and / or strategic.
  • Recruitment of candidates elected according to the mode to hire.
  • Induction and / or Corporate training and the office of elected candidates.
  • Training programs according to the charges of the Company.
  • Implementation of SG-SST.

Support and advice on all processes in the area of Human Talent.
Solutions Voluntary processes and judicial succession!
Solutions Proceeds portfolio.
Advised Proceedings before embassy official translations, apostille and legalization .
Advised Prevention and health promotion, dispensing centers!